Aviator Series
Manufacturing quality construction hoists that deliver & match all the criteria required by constructions job sites is a company that understands hoist requirements in its holistic perspective.

A group who can understand hoists like no other company in India can; a well diversified team with ample expertise in product designing & well equipped production facility...A name synonymous with quality and enormous business intelligence for providing manufacturing support solutions to construction companies.

Spartan’s rich experience in engineering business has helped Spartan to be the leading Brand for hoists in just 7 years. The company boasts of an in house system to accommodate integrated activities like designing, fabrication, machining, assembly, testing, finishing and dispatch under the supervision of stringent quality control team.

Spartan has a state-of-the art manufacturing set up, fully dedicated for hoists manufacturing at Atgaon (Mumbai-Nashik Highway). The plant is equipped with in-house shot blasting and paint booth, testing bed for final testing before dispatch.

It is a modern set up which delivers the most competitive, robust and sophisticated product.
Based on application and need of customers, Spartan provides varieties to choose from in Hoist. These are based upon height, load carrying capacity, cage size and no of cage, location, type of building, operating mechanism etc.

Spartan offer hoist from load carrying capacity of 0.5 ton to 3.2 ton both in single cage as well as twin cage and from heights ranging upto 350 meters.
SRPMH 2000
SRPMH 2000

Multi-Functional Hoist
Rack & Pinion Multi-Functional Hoist

Passenger and Material Hoist
Passenger & Material Hoist - SPM 50V, SPM 100V, SPM 120V, SPM 150V & SPM 200V