Passenger and Material Hoist
  • Comfortably carries 10 to 12 Passengers or 1 Ton Material load.
  • Fully loaded safety features for passengers.
  • Robust, Lightweight & Corrosion resistant Cage.
  • Comes with a Base Enclosure, VFD & Floor Selector.
  • The most advanced & easy to operate Control Panel.
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• Mast constructed from high quality square tube, incorporated with sheet metal bend angle.
• FE Analysed mast designs.
• Mast fabricated through fixture, hence there‚Äôs uniformity in mast quality and dimension.
• Hot dip galvanised surface for corrosion free mast.

Mechanical Lock for Carriage :
For additional safety during mast addition & Height Extension.
European Design Safety Device:

Latest advanced design given for highest factor of safety to protect against free fall of hoist.

Cable Trolley:

• Guides the cable safely & Increases its life.

Operating Console:
• Easy and safe for operating Push buttons for up and down hoist travel.
VFD, MCB & Conductor:
• Schneider / Mitsubishi premium make, which delivers trouble free performance.
Top, Bottom, Slow Down & Final Limit Switches:
• These limit switches are provided to prevent over travel of machine and for safe operation. All limit switches are accessible from within the cage.
Entry Door Safety Switch:
• This Safety switch prevents opening of entry door while cage is traveling above ground floor.
Top Brand Limit Switch:
• Teknic & Telemecanique, make reliable limit switches with IP67 protection.
• It converts electric power efficiently at 24Volt DC. thus increasing life of electrical parts in control panel.
Geared Motor:
• German make Nord Helical bevel geared high efficiency motor.
• Disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the electric current is not balanced between the energized (line) conductor(s) & the return (neutral) conductor.
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