SCM 52P & SBM 52P
  • Longer Life of Machine
  • Increased Life of Blades
  • Ease of Operation
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Lower Frequency of Electrical Breakdown
  • Lower Oil Consumption
  • Additional Safety for Motor
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Monolithic Steel Structure:
Monolithic Steel Structure: Spartan's newly launched premium series of Cutting machines are designed in a monolithic steel structure using higher thickness of steel plate so the number of welding joints in the body are minimal which ensures better design strength of body and longer life of the machine.
Gearing Arrangement:
Gearing Arrangement: 2 Stage gear setup to give better torque efficiency thereby reducing the load on cutting blade& increasing life of cutting blade. The entire cutting process becomes smooth.
Hand lever with Heavy Duty Spring:
Hand lever with Heavy Duty Spring: The hand lever design has been made on the push concept with heavy duty return spring. So that the operator will have less fatigue, less efforts and better efficiency .
Schneider make DOL Motor Starter with PFR:
Schneider make DOL Motor Starter with PFR: These branded starters with phase failure relay prevents motor damage through phase reversal, high & low voltage, thus ensuring longer motor life.
Hardened Plates:
Hardened Plates: The hardened plate supports the blade from behind and helps in sliding the bars. The hardened plate ensures no gap develops between the body & cutting blade. It also keeps the blade in good shape for long time.
Dynamically Balanced Flywheel:
The machine is fitted with dynamically balanced flywheel . Thus, it gives minimum vibration and less noise while cutting bars. This ensures long life of machine’s moving parts
Electrical Braking:
The  Bar  Bending Machine  comes  with  Electrical  Braking, which  eliminates  cost  of maintenance  of mechanical brakes. Thus no maintenance cost  unlike  mechanical  brakes
Limit Switch:
The  machine  has  two  limit switches  at  both  sides  (front  and  back). The  limit  switch  is used  to  restrict  the rotation of bend wheel over 360 degrees. This  allows  getting  the  exact bend  at  a selected  angle
Branded Electrical Components:
The bending  machine  has  all  the  Branded electrical  components.  It  comes  with delay 
timer  and  rectifier .  With  delay  timer ,  the return  operation  is  delayed  for  safety reasons.
ZZ Bearing & Oil Seal:
It  is  provided  in gear box. It prevents dust particles & iron powder  to  percolate  in  the gear  box.  It keeps  the  oil  in  gear  box  clean,  thereby adding  life  to  machine  &  cost saves.
Foot Pedal:
The  machine  is  operational only  when the  foot  pedal  is  kept  pressed and  once  the  foot  is  removed,  the  machine stops,  thus  providing  safe  operations.  It also  comes  with  foot  guard  cover  for higher safety from  hazards at construction
Circuit Diagram:
The  Circuit  diagram  is given  on  inside  of  Panel  Door.  It  comes with quick reference of components, wire, specifications  of  components,  spare  part number,  codes  etc. hence helping you  to diagnose the fault without any loss  of time thus  saving  your  time,  money  & energy .
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