Series of Multifunctional Minilift (SML)
Multifunctional Minilift is one of the latest infrastructure manufacturing technologies by Spartan India that facilitates world class manufacturing and construction efficiency. It’s highly safe and reliable as compare to unsafe and obsolete builder hoist. With a magnanimous carrying capacity (SML 50 – 500kgs & SML100 – 1000kgs); Spartan’s Multifunctional Minilift efficiently carries marble & tiles, paint buckets, cement & sand packets, glass, concrete, sand, rebars as well as passengers (architects & engineers).
Capable of fast erection & simple dismantling, it can be easily shifted from one place to another without occupying wide ground space. This revolutionary equipment comes with a wide range of multi-function attachments with top-notch system and safety features.
Multifunction Minilift-100
Multifunctional-Minilift- SML-100

Multifunction Minilift-50
Multifunctional-Minilift- SML-50