Multifunction Minilift-100

Spartan’s revolutionary SML-100 Multifunction Minilift is one of the latest infrastructure manufacturing technologies introduced in India. With a magnanimous carrying capacity upto 1000Kgs, the SML-100 Multifunction Minilift is highly safe and reliable as compare to unsafe and obsolete builder hoist..

Integrated with International Safety Standards, the SML-100 efficiently carries marble & tiles, paint buckets, cement & sand packets, glass, concrete, sand, rebars as well as passengers (architects & engineers). Capable of fast erection & simple dismantling, this multifunction minilift for construction features a wide range of attachments and can be easily shifted from one place to another without occupying wide ground space.

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SML 100:
  • ANTI-SWING ARRANGEMENT:- It is an optional feature for all attachments & comes with rigid anti-swing frame to support anti-swing rope.
  • ERECTION JIB :- Erection jib along with electric hoist motor for safety helps in fast assembling gantry frame safely.
  • TOP LIMIT SWITCH :-Top limit switch is provided to prevent over travel of the attachment.
  • FREE FALL ARRESTER BRAKE DEVICE :-This safety device is fitted on the passenger cage to prevent free fall, in case of failure of lifting wire rope.
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKE SYSTEM :-Motor with electromagnetic brake system is provided, which prevents free fall in case of power failure.
  • WINCH MOTOR:-Winch motor of 70 mtr. is made in Europe with CE certification, which assures high performance and high efficiency.
  • HOIST PENDENT REMOTE:-Standard Hoist remote allows operator to operate with functions like Up, Down & Emergency Stop, thus making it convenient and comfortable to the operator.
  • DOUBLE FALL WIRE ROPE SYSTEM:-It reduces swinging effect of load while lifting the attachments, thus avoiding any damage to the surface of the building.
  • LOAD CELL ARRANGEMENT:-Load cell arrangement is provided which is activated in case of over loading.
  • LANDING PLATFORM WITH BOTTOM LIMIT SWITCH (OPTIONAL) :-Bottom Limit Switch is provided under the attachment safely and conveniently on top. landing platform which activates after the attachment lands on it, thus making the landing smooth without any damage.
  • ARRESTER ASSEMBLY:-Arrester Assembly arrests the glass lifter & rebar tray with snap hook chain while unloading it, thus making it easy & convenient.
  • SAFETY PLATFORM:-Safety Platform is a platform at the top as a part of the Main Structure. It helps the operator to unload the material and the attachment safely and conveniently on top.




  • ANTI-SWING ARRANGEMENT:- Anti-swing arrangement is provided, to avoid swinging of the attachments, thus it avoids the attachment, hitting the building surface.
  • INTERMEDIATE PLATFORM:- Intermediate Platform is provided for easy unloading of all types of attachments between floors in case of max 800 mm extended 'Chajja'.
  • PLATFORM ACCESS RAMP WITH BASE ENCLOSURE:- Base enclosure indicates the landing space of the machine and makes it safer for the people to move accordingly at the site. The access ramp gives convenience and ease for the operator to unload the material from the machine.
    • IP 55 Control Panel with Load Cell for overload protection.
    • It comes with MCB for Motor Protection, Load Cell & provision for Wire less Remote operation.
    • Overload Protection avoids the Minilift to operate if the material capacity exceeds 1 ton.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE:- Remote allows operator to operate Minilift effortlessly from anywhere within defined range of 100 mtrs.
  • LANDING PLATFORM WITH BOTTOM LIMIT SWITCH:- Bottom Limit Switch is provided under the landing platform which activates after the attachment lands on it, thus making the landing smooth without any damage. range of 100 mtrs.
SML 100 :
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