Multifunction Minilift-50

Spartan takes pride to introduce its revolutionary construction equipment – the SML-50 Multifunction Minilift. Forget the hassle of using obsolete builder hoists as the SML-50 is comparatively safer and more reliable, offering multifunction options with a wide range of attachments.

Spartan Multifunction Minilift SML-50 is manufactured with international safety standards with an objective to enhance the efficiency in carrying building materials, equipments as well as passengers. SML-50 offers a carrying capacity of 500 kgs with simplified dismantling and fast erection capabilities. You don’t need to worry about larger ground space as it can be easily managed amid busy construction sites. Similar to its parent SML-100, the SML-50 is highly agile and fosters your projects proficiently.

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    • TOP LIMIT SWITCH: It is given to prevent over travel of the attachments in upward direction thereby preventing it from damage to the Jib.
    • DEAD WEIGHT: It controls the excess swaying of the lifting hook in absence of attachment & prevents damage to the surface of the building in case the hook sways due to heavy wind.
  • WIRE ROPE:- Ø 10mm wire rope is provided for 70 mtr. height & Dia Ø 12mm for 130 mtrs height of construction 6 X 36 and min 10 times factor of safety. This assures higher safety of the machine, attachments and passengers.
    • Motor has in built Electro magnetic brake with braking torque of 32Nm which is capable of holding 500 kgs. load with FOS of 1.7 times.
    • Comes with a lever to manually lower the load in absence of power.
    • IP 55 Control Panel with Load Cell for overload protection.
    • It comes with MCB for Motor Protection, Load Cell & provision for Wire less Remote operation.
    • Overload Protection avoids the Minilift to operate if the material capacity exceeds 1 ton.
  • WINCH MOTOR COVER:- Winch Motor Cover is provided for protection against falling debris & material.
  • CONTROL UNIT (STANDARD):- Wired remote (IP 55) with Up / Down & Emergency stop button.
    • P Wired remote (IP 55) with Up / Down & Emergency stop button.
    • P Load cell with overload indicator.
    • P MCB for short circuit protection.
    • P Motor protection Over Load Relay.
    • P Safety through Multi load selection.
  • PENDANT REMOTE CONTROL:- Pendant remote control makes the operator’s job easy and convenient. It functions for Up, Down and Emergency Stop of the machine.
  • LANDING PLATFORM (OPTIONAL) WITH BOTTOM LIMIT SWITCH:- When the attachment touches the chequered plate placed on ground, limit switch gets ‘ON’ & sends signal to the top which stops the machine thereby avoiding over travel & damage to the attachment.
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