One of the most important indicators of a developing nation is its well developed infrastructure. Infrastructure which ranges from roads, fly overs, bridges, buildings, houses to dams & tunnels. Quality infrastructure that changes the quality of life, enhances living & adds convenience to mobility.

Creating quality construction equipment that helps build reliable infrastructure, drives development & thus fuels the Nations progress is a company that has achieved the distinction of being India’s most preferred and fastest growing construction equipment manufacturing company.

Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd is a Mumbai based leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality construction machineries and equipment like BAR BENDING MACHINES, BAR CUTTING MACHINES, MAN AND MATERIAL HOISTS, MULTI FUNCTIONAL MATERIAL HOISTS, ROPE SUSPENDED PLATFORMS AND TOWER CRANES.

Spartan Engineering was founded in the year 1971 and it forayed in to the field of manufacturing and supplying construction equipment in the year 2006. Since its four decades of existence in Engineering Industry, the company has displayed a remarkable growth trajectory in construction equipment manufacturing.