• Genuine spares
  • Rate contract for spares
  • Regional Stores

Spares are a regular requirement for any machinery in use at a Construction sites. All Spartan manufactured machines are supported by availability of Genuine Spare parts from our Spares team.

The Benefit of using Spartan spares are enormous as it contributes to better machine efficiency, longer machine life and lesser safety risk thereby protecting your investment. Service experts can identify parts that will need to be changed before part failure occurs, which will not disrupt your site working and also avoid increased repair cost at a later stage.

In increasingly competitive spares market, Spartan has made huge investments in setting up a special spares department, thereby bringing the following benefits to all its customers:


  • All spares used in Spartan machines have an ERP code so that identification of the correct part is easier.
  • Drawings are available for each machine with their part name and ERP code for customer usage.
  • Customer has to provide ERP code, part name, machine model & serial number whilst enquiry.


  • The material selection and process of manufacturing is tightly controlled as per ISO standards.
  • Proper dimensional control ensures that parts fit properly to the machine thereby enhancing the life of bearings, belts etc.


  • The availability of parts at our 8 regional branches across India ensure that Customer has spares available on demand.


  • All manufactured components, electrical and hardware parts required are available at one source when purchased directly from Spartan, thereby getting faster delivery at your site.
  • Customers do not incur additional cost through procurement from multiple suppliers thereby reducing their administrative overheads.


  • Accidents to your workforce can occur due to inferior quality spares used at site like injuries due to fragments of blades flying while cutting bars, blade mounting bolts snapping, electrical shock due to improper fitment of equivalent component etc.

  • Model Wise Price List
    Model wise Price List is available which enables correct spare part procurement.

  • One Stop Shop
    All machine components i.e. Parts, Electrical, Hardware & Consumables available at one place from Spartan.

  • Faster Order Processing
    No quotation is required, Purchase Order can be sent for material despatch to site which reduces delivery time.

  • Reduction of Overheads
    As the rates are fixed in the agreement, as per model spare parts, cost & time reduction is achieved by less number of enquiries, Purchase Order, GRN and supplier bills.

  • Fixed Rates
    The rates of the Spare parts are fixed for the contract period allowing the budgeting and planning.